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Tips for Going Foundation Free

1 June 2017 11:37:36 BST



In winter, we rarely pay much attention to the amount of foundation we use. However, as soon as the sun starts to shine, and we feel a little hot under the collar, we realise just how impractical a full face of makeup can be.

There are now a lot of foundations and powders on the market that will stand up to the heat. If you are going on holiday, swimming or visiting the beach, you may prefer to go foundation free.

Here are some quick tips on how to achieve a great summer face without foundation and lots of makeup.



Swap for a Lighter Coverage


f the thought of going foundation free scares you, there is an intermediary step you can take. You can choose from an array of BB creams, tinted moisturisers, or light concealers, which will even out your skin tone without feeling too heavy.



Upgrade Your Skincare Routine


To go foundation free, you need to love the skin you’re in. Perversely, you will probably find, that after a week of being foundation free, your skin is brighter and lighter. You may still worry about problem areas though such as dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone or an oily T-zone, these can all be remedied with a good skincare routine, of cleansing, toning and moisturising. You can also buy eye creams that will lift the delicate skin around the eyes while reducing the effects of dark circles (cucumbers can do this too).


Consider a Chemical Peel or a Prescriptive Facial



If you are going foundation free, it may be time for a treat. A chemical peel is painless and can remove dead skin cells, leaving you with brighter, natural skin. A good facial can tackle problem areas, and help you feel more confident in your skin too.


Tidy Up


A pluck of the eyebrows, upper lip and chin can give you a face you love to be bare. Eyebrows can frame the entire face, adding the effects you’d usually get from your cosmetics.

Have a Monthly Pamper Session Other ways to feel confident when going foundation or makeup free are to invest in some monthly treatments. Eyelash dye and eyebrow threading can make you feel confident and can give your face the polished look regardless of how much swimming you do.



Choose Tints


Tints are a great way to add a little colour to your complexion without foundation. Lip tints and cheek tints can stay all day and make you look flushed and ready for action!


Remember the All Important Ingredient


Whatever you use on your skin in summer, be it a tinted moisturise or a serum, make sure the last product you put on your skin has a good SPF of 15 or above. Sun damage is still the no.1 cause of wrinkles, and we don’t have to scare you with statistics. Therefore, it’s important, that if you are going foundation free, you add some good sun protection to your face.

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The Secrets to Flawless Brows

9 May 2017 12:06:12 BST



The Secrets to Flawless Brows


Good eyebrows are amazing, they can frame your face and make the difference between a happy and disgruntled expression. Good brows can lift your whole complexion and help you to look perfectly groomed and styled in seconds.

Great brows don’t have to take hours, all you need is the following:

• A product you’re happy with (try to resist buying into the hype, if you find a product that suits your lifestyle stick with it)

• A great shade (I’d generally recommend buying a shade darker than your natural hair colour, experiment with eye palettes to see what suits you best)

• A stencil, or an image of what you’d like your brows to look like.

The first time you try to create the perfect brows you need to set a little time aside. It could also be an advantage if you visit a salon and ask them to create your brows for you the first time. This will give you the ideal template to work from every time you do your makeup, as you’ll know where to place the product and what shape best defines your face.


 Generally, there are a few brow kits to choose from:


Gel or Liquid – these are a lot like mascara. These are ideal if the hair on your brows is exactly where you want it to be. Buy these if all you need to do is tidy up or darken your natural brows. They’re not ideal for creating brows or shaping brows. A lot of these are waterproof and so they have the advantage of staying for a long time.

Powder – Powder is great. In fact, it’s a lot like eyeshadow. You brush it on using a stiff, angled brush in the style you would like. The powder won’t be waterproof. It will probably give a more natural finish, especially if used with your own brows, but you may have to be careful of wiping your face afterwards!

Cream – Creams are a great solution and can be applied with a lip brush to give the ideal finish. If you are creating your brows from scratch consider using two shades, one dark, one a shade lighter, to give depth to your brows.



Pluck, Pluck, Pluck


You will need to pluck any hairs that don’t fall into the shape of the brows you are trying to create. It’s always best to pluck from underneath (unless your natural brows are too high, they very rarely are), and look in the mirror after each pluck to make sure you’re not going to far.

Brows are like Sisters, but not Twin Sisters

A lot of people spend an extortionate amount of time trying to make their brows symmetrical. The fact is, if you achieve this, they probably won’t look right on your face. We don’t have symmetrical faces, and so our brows are not identical. You will find, if this is your first time, that you have a favourite brow that is perfect, the other may be the black sheep. Try to learn to work with it!

We have many brow kits that can help you achieve the look you desire in minutes. If you really don’t like your eyebrows, or don’t have the time to groom them as part of your routine, consider growing a fringe!  

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What Hair Oil Suits My Hair Type?

28 April 2017 11:33:19 BST



Quiz - What Hair Oil Suits Your Hair Type?



There are a lot of hair oils on the market right now, and each one claims to benefit your hair.

Hair oils are incredible for taming frizz, detangling and nourishing the hair shafts but which one should you choose for your hair type?

We’ve put together a quiz, to see which hair oil suits you best. Simply answer the questions, note down your answers and read the results at the end.




1. What does your morning hair routine consist of?

A: A lot of hair tools with heat

B: I just wash and leave

C: A brush and then cream or oil to tame frizz

D: product, product, product and more product


2. Describe your hair in a few words using the phrases below

A: Impossible to tame

B: It’s just hair

C: It flies away

D: It’s frizz fantastic


3. When would you use products on your hair?

A: Every. Single. Day

B: I don’t use product at all

C: For a special occasion or event

D: I top up throughout the day


4. Would you describe your hair as?

A: Very thick

B: Medium

C: Thin

D: Naturally Curly


5. How do you dry your hair?

A: With a hairdryer

B: I let it dry naturally

C: Towel dry

D: All of the above


6. Is your hair?

A: Greasy after 2 days

B: Neither oily or dry

C: Very dry

D: Very oily



Now look at your answers. If you answered:


Mostly A’s

Argan Oil It sounds as though you have lovely thick hair that many would kill for but is the bane of your life. After you’ve found a hairdresser that can give you a style that is easy to manage (you need a break from all the hair tools and products), consider letting it dry naturally now and again. All you need is a squirt of Argan oil through the mid lengths and the ends when it’s damp to see your hair for what it is, a lustrous, thick mane! 

We Recomend: Redken All Soft Argon Oil



Mostly B’s

Coconut Oil You seem to hate faffing and products so we’re not going to suggest you add more to your daily routine. You seem to have hair that many crave, you can just wash and go without worrying about curling or straightening. We would suggest you give your hair a treat once a week, with a good hot oil treatment, hair mask or coconut oil that will nourish and protect and make your hair even easier to manage (if that’s possible!)

We Recomend: Uniq one all in one hair treatment coconut



Mostly C’s

Moroccan Oil You could benefit from a hair oil that will help to tame flyaway locks without adding grease. Moroccan Oil is perfect for this. You just need a little warmed up in the palm of your hand before running it through your hair. Your hair should absorb it in seconds. It should weigh your hair down a little, and add shine. You can add it to your hair when it’s damp.

View Moroccanoil

Mostly D’s

Keratin Keratin is still one of the best products for taming frizz and enhancing curls. Work with your natural hair and use Keratin to help bring out the best of your locks. You can use it as an oil on damp hair or invest in a good keratin hair mask. Either way, we think you’ll find it suits your hair perfectly.  

We Recomend: L'anza Keratin Healing Oil



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How to get the perfect natural spring makeup look

It’s the time of year where we stare enviously at photos of our tanned, summer selves from the year before (it can’t just be me?).

But one celebrity has stopped us rushing out to book a spray tan. Emma Watson is queen of the natural make up look and we love her for it. Thanks to Beauty and The Beast, her pale, beautiful makeup look is on billboards everywhere, and it’s making us embrace the toned down look.

Here’s our step-by-step to achieve that perfect, natural makeup look…


                                                                                                                                                                           Source: Getty Images


First, the key to any fresh-faced spring look is flawless skin- dark circles and blemishes aren’t any ones friend. We love timeBalm by theBalm as it’s infused with Vitamins A, C and E to keep a fresh appearance throughout the day. It also comes in a range of shades to match your skin tone naturally.

For the base of your look to be perfect, it’s essential that the foundation isn’t too heavy so as to still feel natural, but also gives the right amount of coverage. That’s why we would suggest a tinted moisturiser such as BalmShelter by theBalm, which is weightless and silky-smooth while also improving the skin’s appearance. It also has added SPF 18 protection in case the sun makes an (very) unexpected appearance.

Finish off your floorless base with a light covering of powder. Milani Pressed Powder Foundation is perfect for a matte, shine-free coverage and can also fit in your handbag if you feel you need to freshen up during a busy day.


Next, we would focus on getting the perfect, spring blushed cheeks that Emma Watson wears so well. A subtle hint of colour to the cheekbones with a light highlight is perfect for reciprocating Emma’s signature look. We’re in love with BalmBeach by theBalm, which is a warm-natural toned blush and is perfect for a natural hint of colour. If you’re looking for something with more of a pink-tone, Milani Baked Blushed comes in a range of colours so you can pick the perfect one for you.

Highlight is so popular right now as it’s perfect for brightening up your skin and giving your cheeks a subtle pop. A stroke of Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder across the cheekbones would help create a radiant finish.


Natural eyes are easy to perfect with a nude toned eye shadow, light mascara and well tamed brows. The XIP Professional Platinum Passion Eye shadow palette has a range of 12 gorgeous colours to choose from to create the look you’re after. This can be accompanied by the XIP Professional Opal Black Mascara to lengthen lashes - opening up the eyes for a fresh-faced appearance.

Tamed brows are essential for a natural look. Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil would be perfect for taming and filling in any needed hairs. Check out our previous guide to getting perfect brows for your brow needs!


Finish off your natural look with the perfect lip. You could opt for a toned-down gloss such as the Milani moisture lock oil-infused lip treatment which offers a beautiful, healthy shine. If you’re looking for a light pop of colour (which Emma is known for rocking) we’d recommend any of the gorgeous colours from theBalm Read My Lips Smart Gloss range.


We hope this helps you to channel your inner Belle and be a natural beauty!

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Mothers day Giveaway!

14 March 2017 13:38:33 GMT



How to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day

She’s the one person in your life who you can always rely on, no matter what. She’s always by your side, throughout every stage of your life, ensuring that you’re happy, safe, and loved. Your mum is truly irreplaceable.

So, when it comes to celebrating your mum and all that she does for you, why not spoil her rotten this Mother’s Day? After all, our mums deserve the best, right?

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are just some of the ways you can spoil your mum this Mother’s Day.


Book a spa day

Booking a spa day is a great way to spend some good, quality time with your mum. And, of course, it will also allow both of you to indulge in some much needed pamper time!

There are a whole host of spas up and down the country that provide the ultimate retreat in which to enjoy relaxing, award winning facilities such as hot tubs, out door Jacuzzis, walk in snail showers, tension relieving beauty treatments, facials, and massages.


bake her favourite sweet treats

Your mum will often spend a lot of time cooking and baking your favourite dishes and sweet treats, so on Mother’s Day, why not bake her favourite cake or meal?

Investing this much time and effort in the kitchen is sure to impress your mum.


Create a scrapbook

A great sentimental tribute for your mum, a personalised scrapbook documenting all of your favourite moments and memories together is the perfect way to take your mum on a trip down memory lane.

Filled with poignant pictures and written memories, your mum is sure to treasure it for a lifetime. Just expect lots of tears!


Spend some time looking through some old photo albums

A great way to spend some quality time with your mum on Mother’s Day is to dig out old family photo albums and look through them together.

These precious moments will allow you to reminisce over treasured family memories from your childhood and beyond.


Pamper her!

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper your mum! Set up your very own beauty salon in your home and treat her to a pedicure, manicure and even a blow dry.


Enter our Mother’s Day Hamper competition today!

Here at The Beauty Booth, we are currently running a competition giving you the opportunity to win a Mother’s Day hamper.

Bursting with a whole host of beauty treats that will allow your mum to enjoy a healthy dose of TLC this Mother’s Day, this hamper includes everything from The DECLEOR Beauty Powernap Kit,Two theBalm makeup palettes! and Moroccan oil Treatment Original, through to a Label M Paddle Brush and a kérastase hair care Gift set!

Your mum will be able to relax, unwind and indulge in some of this season’s hottest beauty products!

But how can you win this hamper for your mum? Simply visit our Facebook page, follow and like it, and then like, comment on, and share the post. Good luck!

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